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  • 1. How many million milk cows are there in the United States?________
  • 2. How many stomachs does a cow have?_________
  • 3. A good cow will give how many quarts of milk in a day?_____
  • 4. How old does the average cow live to be?____
  • 5. On average, how many quarts of ice cream does a person eat in a year?____
  • 6. How many ounces are there in a cup of milk?____
  • 7. On average, how many times do Americans eat per day?____
  • 8. What's the normal body temperature?____
  • 9. On average, how many sections are there in an orange?____
  • 10. How much of the world is covered with water?____
  • 11. What percentage of calcium in the body is in the bones?____
  • 12. How many permanent teeth will you have?____
  • For the Answers (no peeking before you finish!), go here.

    For lots of interesting and fun facts about cows, milk, ice cream, and dairies, go to the USDA website Kids Corner. You might learn the answers to some of the questions there!